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Cathleen Leite opened Alicia's Beauty Shop in September of 2010 with the goal of providing a safe, comfortable and affordable wig shop for women experiencing hair loss.


As a licensed cosmetologist she can customize the cut, color and style of the wig. As a seamstress can alter the cap construction so your wig fits perfectly.


Cathleen has shaved her hair alongside her customers to experience hair loss and better understand what is it like to wear wigs on a daily basis.  

She is passionate and committed to providing her customers with expert knowledge and compassionate care. 

Nikki is the owner and creator of Hair Peace Systems which provides a high level of personal service along with technical standards unprecedented in the wig industry. Our clients receive an unsurpassed level of customer care, and every detail gets our complete attention. Hair Peace fills the gap in your collection by providing uniquely designed pieces custom made to provide you with a variety of looks. 


Just because you have to wear a wig doesn't mean you have to give up style. When living with hair loss, you need to have a variety of looks and styles in your magic bag of tricks!

Please visit for more information. 


(Off Tiogue Avenue)

Suite 4

192 Pilgrim Ave 

Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

Contact Us:

(401) 615-1990


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